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Somali President Jaalle Maxamed Siyaad Barre

Xafladii Soo dhaweenta buugga Jaalle Siyaad ee London


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member of simad university student
written by ismacil A/lahi Ahmed , May 21, 2012
waxaan raba in aan wax ka ogaado tariikhda kooban uu leeyahay jaale mahamed siyaad bare
Dillema when it comes to Siyaad
written by Dowlad Waca , June 19, 2012
I do have such respect for the man but I have an important dillema when it comes to Jaalle Siyaad.. No doubt that he had a strong leadership qualities and no doubt that he brought Somalia to the spotlights and developed the country. The strongest modern leader Somalia had since today but would he has been such a poplar guy if Somalia was peaceful and developed country after him?.. Would he has been missed the majority of Somalis if we somehow managed to contain and developed the country after his departure? Has he allowed by the time and despair and predicatment we currently in to be viewed as the greatest modern Somali leader.... Thanks to USC and other Somali factions who made sure that we became a failed state.... Was the guy EVIL or Good?... If we hadnt seen people who are more evil than him, would we have such respect for him.. Just has been wondering this questions
written by Mr Acc , June 27, 2012
Waxan jclhy ina waxka ogado tarikhda madaxwene siyad iyadow koban bilaw iyo dhamad mahadsinidin
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