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Somali President Jaalle Maxamed Siyaad Barre

History of the Somali Revolutionary Government - 2 of 2


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written by Awil Aden , June 30, 2011
I take this opportunity on this night of 1st Julywhen Somalia Got independentand say i have never had such an collective effort by a significant number of unforced nationals who are vollunteering for their national bride, am sure there were few African Leaders who had developmental mind like Gen Mohamed Siyad Bare's (Alle haunaxaritee). i wish we could had a number of him.
written by Soojeede Ma seexde , July 13, 2011
The dieth of the great Nation of Somalia is unacceptable and every somalian must undardstand and stand up on behalf of his/her future and the future of our children

written by Caalin Cabdi , July 17, 2011
Look where the country was at that time and the current condition, after 20 years of destruction.
Some people know how to construct, and some people know how to destroy what was built by hard work.
History will tell the truth.
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