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Somali President Jaalle Maxamed Siyaad Barre

Jaalle Maxamed Siyaad Barre -


Extended PREVIEW; Somalia Kacaan Siad Barre (Documentary)


The Mitrokhin Archives:Somali KGB Agents Operator and Rashid

The Soviet Unionís relationship with Somalia was one of the most complicated bilateral relationships that Somalia ever had. This bilateral relationship had begun in early the 1960s as an outcome of a reciprocal interest of Somalia and USSR. Somalia needed reliable support, cheap loans and accessible funds to build its defense force. USSR on the other hand needed a foothold in the Horn of Africa to counter the growing US influence in the Horn of African region.

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President Siad Barre Speech: Let us Follow Islam’s Way - 1979

17th of February, 1979

On this auspicious holy Eid-ul-Adha, solemnly and fittingly celebrated throughout the territory of the Somalia Democratic Republic, I desire to extend to all my best wishes for happiness, prosperity and wellbeing.

On this occasion, our thoughts also embrace Islam's Holy Places, where at this time hundreds of thousands of faithful people are gathered to fulfil their pilgrimage, according to the dictate of our religion.

In this spirit, I exhort all of to mediate upon the high moral teaching of the Islamic faith the path towards mutual understanding, cooperation and peace.

We are still on the threshold of a    era, initiated by the 21st October Revolution. It is a time deep-laid with difficulties. We do not wish to conceal that the problems that confront us are manifold and of diverse nature, and that they impose upon all of us, indiscriminately, personal sacrifices and a firm dedication to guarantee to the country security and justice in progress.   

Muslim leaders, besides being propounders and propagators of the Islamic faith, were also statesmen who contributed to the political, economic and social development of the countries they governed. They were teachers of nations and peoples who are on the frontline politically, socially and technologically.

Hence the need for our religious to probe within the social reality of our people, and wrest from our religion it's practical teachings, thus making available its ideas and actions in the interest of general progress.

Among our people, religious leaders must play gallivanting role to activate a society advancing towards the high value of Islam, which have always been the foundation of our social and political organisation,

The Somali Democratic Republic will spare no efforts to follow the path to prosperity, through the efficient efforts of its citizens. This path is clearly laid out by Islam, and the active work of the religious leaders in the field of education and morals, will be a source of inspiration and assistance.

It is a greater dedication to the well being of all, a common effort for the building of the nation. These are the tasks that challenge us upon these holy days.

To help our brothers and fellows, we must go beyond the concept of charity and reach the higher and more altruistic concept of cooperation on a national scale. We must strive with enthusiasm and patriotism to attain a state of general welfare for all within our possibilities.

The living conditions of our people rest largely upon us. We must all try to search for and define the obstacles hampering our progress. We must shape our own destiny. It is impossible to build a solid State when one does not think and act in terms of the common good, the welfare of all.

Our country must emerge from underdevelopment and but in the final analysis the success of this depends upon our joint efforts. From the work and actions of all, we shall strengthen foundation laid by the Revolution and enter upon a more dignified and prosperous future, God-Willing.

My Somali brother, in renewing my best heartfelt good wishes for a happy holiday, I beseech upon all of you the blessings of Allah, and pray that our aspirations and efforts for progress and peace in our country may be crowned with success.


President Siad Barre Speech: A Heavy Responsibility - 1969

(Speech to the Armed Forces)

9th of November, 1969

Nineteen days after the Revolution I am addressing myself to the Armed Forces. I am talking to you because I want to make you understand the responsibility we have for the nation. As you all know, we have sworn to be sincere and trustworthy to the country and the Somali people. The foundation of our sincerity for the country and the Somali people is the conviction that we are the servants of the nation. This service to the nation needs to be explicitly understood.

Imperialism and those with the colonial mentality left in the minds of our people that they were the cream of creation and others were their servants.

The truth is that anybody who draws a salary from the government is the servant of the people because the people pay his salary. This salary comes from people in the form of taxes. It had been a principle of imperialism Ė and we have been following it after the termination of that imperialism Ė that we should expect from the public, the learned, the youth and the families a specially flavoured respect. This attitude which persists is wrong, and one easily can see that it is a colonial hangover. It is has been left in the minds of the people that the nationalists is an ignorable creature.

We have launched the Revolution to eradicate colonial hangovers in all their various forms. The purpose of the Revolution is to guide us back to our true characteristics, to clearly understand what we are, and what we stand for, and to work for our people in sincerity and devotion.

We must convince the people of the efficacy of a joint, concerted effort with us. We should attack together and on equal terms, hunger and ignorance; at all times uphold and protect the flag, the dignity, the welfare and the defence of the nation.

We have to defend the dignity, the rights and the livelihood of every Somali person. While we are uprooting the evils that have beset on the nation, such as tribalism, favouritism, nepotism, corruption and injustice, we should train ourselves to uphold the dignity of the Somali nation, to uplift the image of the Somali nation both internally and externally.

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