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Somali President Jaalle Maxamed Siyaad Barre


1. Enforcing the Somali Script for the Written Language which has been regarded as the greatest achievement in Somali History.
2. Campaigns against corruption, laziness, tribalism and cleanliness
3. Self-help schemes and crash programmes, ranging from sand-dune stabilization to tree plantings. Every Somali had to contribute as much as seven hours-per-week of their spare time to construct government designed projects such as roads, hotels, office buildings, schools and housing.
4. Establishing the First Somali University
5. Educating 70% of the Somalis within five years after the commencement of the Revolution. Regarded by the United Nation as one of the most successful mass-urban literacy campaign ever recorded.
6. Nationalizing the import of cereals, fuel, medicine, films, export of bananas, hides and skins which sky rocked the poorly underdeveloped Somali economy.
7. Centralising the budget system for the first time in Somalia history which lead to a unified budget, incorporating the former central and regional budgets.
8. Taking over foreign schools and banning foreigners from employment in posts that could be filled by Somalis.
9. Freezing of prices
10. Reducing rents
11. Entering Somalia into the Arab League in 1974
12. Creating security courts to solve tribal clashes
13. Expanding the Somali Army Force from 10,000 before the Revolution to 60,000.
14. Modernizing the Somali Air force
15. Establishing the Somali Navy force
16. Created the first Somali National Bank in 1971
17. Abolishing private educations which lead to a substantial expansion of the school population at primary, secondary, and university level.
18. Phasing out all private medicine and launching a nationwide immunisation program.
19. Establishing of the first Faculty of Medicine which meant that Somali doctors could now qualify at home.
20. Extending and modernizing hospital services.
21. A concerted effort was undertaken to improve animal health care. This lead to an establishment of veterinary stations to set up and improve the condition of nomad’s livestock. Vaccinations against animal diseases were provided freely by the government and according to a Soviet observer, the inoculation of cattle increased by 100% after the Revolution.
22. Establishing training institutes for Animal Health Assistants. A step greatly admired by Julius Nyerere, an authority on African socialism, who remarked in 1974: “The Somalis are practicing what we in Tanzania preach.”
23. Somalia, for the first time, become the first governor in the African Union
24. Modernising the Kismaayo, Berbera and Muqdisho airports.
25. Leading a war for liberation of our homelands in 1977 where we defeated Ethiopia and captured the place in mere months until Russia and Cuba intervened.
26. Established the first Somali Institute of International Studies, where it provided courses about the Horn of Africa and Afro-Arab relations within the context of studies in international politics, law, and diplomacy.
27. Established the Somali National Academy of Arts, Sciences and Literature, which was the second most important institution after the Somali National University. This Academy has provided Somali language dictionaries, grammar books, Somali History, researching Somali manuscripts and culture.
28. Established the first Somali National Library.
29. Improved and expanded the Somali National Museum.
30. Provided educational scholarships to potential students
31. Provide the best education to students that wanted to enter army by sending them to the best countries known for their military education.

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written by omar aden liban , September 17, 2013
I wish forgiveness and paradise inhere-after for our former president Mahamed Siyaad Barre and I would like to thank him forever for providing his people best education,economic, health development and all 31 above mentioned achievements.

Jaalle Siyad
written by Somalia Somali baa leh! , February 25, 2014
He was a leader who had a vision, great quarterback who let the best running backs run with the ball like when he selected one of the best economic architect, honest, hard working, well educated, full of Somalinism and young relentless Somali People had ever seen who was not affiliated to him (not in a same tribe); I think his name was Hasan Basey (God Bless him & Siyad Barre) to build the biggest and the best Fanole dam that produced electricity and rice to feed of the Somalis. The project was unveiled in 1982 and you should have seen Siyad & Basey with a great pride of accomplishing one of the toughest things Somalis always joked about "Fanole faring kama qodna" Well let me tell you "Fanole was flourishing after 1982." That is an accomplishment, that is what leader does, the have vision and they pick the right people to lead &build so his people can live in a productive lives.
Alow kuu naxariiso
written by Aabihii umada , March 07, 2014
Siyad was a great leader who had a vision not only for Somalia but the rest of Africa. He advocated a lot about how some of the African countries can achieve independence and he was a champion when it comes down to that. He was part of the African trailblazers such as Julius Nyerere, King Selase, Kwame Nakruma. The reality is Somalia needs 10 Hasan Baseys & Siyads who know what is at stake . Somalinimo is what's missing at when you look at the ones leading and wanna lead the country at the present time. They're not professional, not honest about what they say, no vision and no motivation. I wish they have seen the old days when things were built, people told the truth and things got done. Look at the man (Hasan Basey ) previous writer mentioned name who was well educated agronomist who built the country (can you imagine Somalia had electricity that was produced from water and plenty of rice in 1982 in Jilib made it possible by Siyad & Basey )! Can you believe that? Well, that was Somalia back in the old days and thanks to proud & patriotic Somalis like Siyad & Basey. That was one of the best projects in Somalia. Somali history books should be included and tought the new Somali generations that we had heroes who built the country before things went to the wrong direction. May Godbless Aabihii umada & if you're ever have the pleasure of meeting one of the greatest builders of Somali institutions Hasan Basey say hello, thank him, buy him a cup of tea and learn from him one or two things how to build Somalia. Take care eachother.
Great A Somali Goodness
written by Mr. Somali , June 09, 2014
Siyad was the kind of leader that will ask advice his ministers like 1970 when he asked some of the "Golihi Sare ee Kacaanka." Who is well educated, has leadership character, trustworthy and who is not gonna screw around with the people 's wealth and the few cents left to feed the Somalis. Because, when he took over the country was in bad shape in 1969. So, he needed to establish institutions that can create prosperous economic engines every Somali can be proud. Fanole project was one of those projects that previous administrations did not run well because as you can imagine they didn't care to see the bigger picture. Now you have leader who understands how easy things can be built when the right people are running the right time with the right resources. Then, he asks some of the guys from the Golihi Sare Kacaanka especially the guys with the economic portfolio who is capable of running this project which had it's own magnitude? Couple of them say this young fella who had done marvelous job running Crash Program & Somalita will do great job and will never disappoint Somali People you can count on that. Well, he says who is he? They say "Hasan Basey." Guess what after 12 years Hasan Basey delivered what his fellow country had asked for him. In 1982 Aabe Siyad drove all night from Mogadishu to Fanole so he can attend the ribbon cutting ceremony next day which was great Jubilation days for all Somalis. Especially, for Jaale Siyad & Mr. Somali which was a knickname he gave him "Hasan Basey " that day. I don't even think Basey ever knew the president used to call him Mr Somali. Let's be honest, someone said before "you can judge man's character when you give a power ." It is imperative to mention that there was no clan affiliation between the president and Mr Somali. Aabihii umada could've chosen anyone from his tribe but he wanted to lead by example by asking the gentlemen at the table who can deliver and he took their advice. There fore; that was where & how the knickname came. Siyad was a leader who always wanted to leave a legacy for his people and so he did eventhough we've destroyed everything that they have worked tiressly century ago. The beauty is we as Somalis can overcome & Shall overcome. Just a bit of thought for all young Somalis who should stay in school & become productive citizens. Godbless Aabihii umada & Mr. Somali "Hasan Basey ." Ministry of Agriculture building in Mogadishu should be named after this great Somali agronamist. We should even elect him for President of Somalia one day. Godbless Somalia.
God bless Somalia
written by Son of Somali , August 31, 2014
Those two men were the real Somalis and will always be part of our golden pages. Hopefully written in every Somalis hearts! Former President Siyad Barre and One of the best Somali heroes Hasan Basey " Mataqaanaa we used to call him back in the old days when he was "all Somali ", top of his career, talk about "Prime time ", giant, well respected, young and energetic." Hasan Basey was one of those smart, dedicated, hardworking, one of a kind humanbeing, well disciplined and honest man Somalis will ever see! Thank You for your service gentlemen where ever you might be. You should be remembered and saluted for building our country and having great Somali visions.
Will there ever be Somali leaders and visionaries like them?
Muwaaddin Soomaaliyeed - Xamar
written by Cusmaan aXmed , November 30, 2014
U maleynmaa inow Jiri doono nin gaari Maxamed Siyaad, sababtoo eh caqli dheeraad ah aa ilaahay siiyey oo waddani ow ahaay. Aniga hooyadeey oo weligeed ka shaqeyn dowladihii shibilka, oo aan wax qori karin waxna akhrin karin, aa 2 sano afkeedii hooyo ku baratay intii ay ka shaqeyheysay laanta xaafadda, ka dibna madax ay noqotay oo hanuunin ay sameyn jirtay. Dowladihii ka horreeyey musuqmaasuq iyo qaraaba-kiil aa ragaaday. Waddani ow ahaa oo waatii qabyaaladdii la duugay. Maanta Soomaali oo dhan, shanta gees runta waa ogyihiin. Kuwii burburka noo keenay, kuwii cadow keensaday, Xabashi iwm. maxay noo tareen? Madax badan oo Afrika aa 30-40 sano madaxweyne ah uyugoon faa'iido waddaniyad ah lagu qabin, bal ayagoon xabbad qaadan oo aan cadow keensan, maxay Maxamed Siyaad ula hadli waayeen? Nin caqli badan ow ahaay, waxaana u maleyhaa 25 sano isuma rabin, laakiin nasiibxumo Ruush aa la riday oo adduunka dhan aaba isbeddel ku yimid.

Marka 23 sano gadaashiis maanta hebelkaa laan aan haynaayee, mustaqbalka maxaan sugeynaa? Allow ninkaas oo kale noo keen, oo usuguna u naxariiso. Nimco markay kaa maqan tahay aa la gartaa. Intow joogay lama ogeyn anfaca lagu haystay sidow u badnaa.

Cusmaan Axmed
The Great Somalian Transformational leader
written by Awil , December 25, 2014
I am presenting a presentation about Gen. Mohamed S.barre as the Great Transformatonal leader we have ever had at Anadolu University Turkey...happy to get this website with full resources
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