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Somali President Jaalle Maxamed Siyaad Barre

Revolutionary Speech by Mohamed Siad Barre on 24 October 1969


There was no choice.

I would like to state clearly the reason for the take over of the country by Armed Forces. I want our people to know that everything is going on as usual and that no problems have arisen as a result of the Revolution. The entire country is in the hands of the National Army and the Police Force. Intervention by Armed Forces was inevitable. It was no longer possible to ignore the evil things like corruption, bribery, nepotism, and theft of public funds, injustice and disrespect to our religion and the laws of the country. The laws were thrust aside and people did whatever they wanted. No group or family can live happily if they do not respect their laws and regulations. There will be no development or any sort of progress for a nation, if the laws of the country are forgotten? The corruption has culminated in the assassination of prominent leaders of the country. Somalia was on the point of collapse, not economically and politically alone, but disaster threatened historically and nationally as well. If we look back on recent events in the country, we will see how a peaceful lands was changing to violence. Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke, the late President, was assassinated by simple soldier who did not know him and who had no quarrel with him. We will not give a chance to wrong doers and law breakers.

We will abolish bribery, nepotism and tribalism. Tribalism was the only way in which foreigners got their chance of dividing our people. We will close all roads used by colonialists to enter our country and into our affairs. We will build up a great Somali nation, strongly united and welded together to live in peace. We will make respect the Islamic religion, if necessary, by all the force and strength we have. We will make Somalia a respected country in its internal and external policies. I would like to ask all Somalis to come out and build their nation, a strong nation, to use all their efforts, energy, wealth and brains in developing their country. At all costs avoid begging. The Imperialists, who always want to see people in hunger, disease and ignorance, will oppose us in order that we may beg them. They will spread many types of lies to try to misinterpret our noble aims and objectives.

They will try to persuade the world, and even other African States, to believe their lies. Apart from these lies, they will call us many evil names. They are at present collecting arms, money and many other necessary things for them to work against us. We are very happy and thankful to see the unity of the Armed Forces and the Somali population. The nation has given us true support for which we are very grateful. Nothing will harm us if we go on supporting each other for the sake of our country and nation. Lets us join hands in crushing the enemy of our land.

1. Mohamed Siad Barre, My country and my people;: The collected speeches of Major-General Mohamed Siad Barre, President, the Supreme Revolutionary Council, Somali Democratic Republic

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written by Adam E , June 29, 2009
This makes cry, cry, and cry..........................
Allahu Akber ture leader long live Somalia !!! Allah oo naxariisto Maxamed said barre !
written by Gedo my hometown !! Love somalia , July 02, 2009
Allah uu naxariisto maxamed said barre. I Tried to spell the best i can in Somali, i came to this country when i was six years old so i don't know how to write in somali. But insallah I will one day be a great leader like maxamed said barre ! Long live Somalia !! Viva Somalia!!! May allah bring peace and stability to the motherland inshallah! What a true hero !! Allahu akber !! Long live Somalia !!!!
May allah bless greater somalia.
written by S1l3nt K0 GT , August 05, 2009
What a true leader,

written by Xabaal suge e-Mail. , November 09, 2009
Dalkii la wada burburiyey,yar iyo weyn,oo la habaaray,lana kala qoqobay oo ay ku taliyeen ugaasyada,odayaasha,ganacsatada,haweenka,dhallinyarada qabiilooyinkoodu wadajir ahaan iyagoo uu cadowga ummadda soomaaliyeed uu maal gallinayo,hubkana siinayo ayaa maanta waxaa la wada eedaynayaa Marxuun dhintay oo jiirkiisii iyo lafahiisiiba aboor cunay 20 sano ku dhawaad,khudbadihiisii qaaliga ahaa ee ay ku dheehneed Wadaninimada iyo dal iyo dad jeceylka iyo gumeysi diidka bal dhagayso ama akhriso wax ma garadoow,
ama soo daawo oo indhahaaga ku soo arag Xamar siday noqotay iyo dadka ku nool siday isku dhallan rogeen,ama soomaaliya oo dhan, caruurtayda ayaan tusay waagii Bari samaadka siday dalkoodu ahaa,oo ay arkeen diyaaradaha,ciidamada,baabuurta dagaalka,bulshada,magaalada quruxdeeda,badda,waa iska ooyaan,waxayna yiraahdaan Aabe dadkaan sidaan dalkoodii ugalay ma daanyeerobaa mise waa dad,waxaan iri dadkaani waa dadkii aan ka dhallanay ee aan ka nimid. Marka wax ma moogow bal ka waran haddii ciyaalkii yaryaraa sidaas u fahmayaan xagee aad joogtaa, marka cidna wax ka sheegin gadaal u feker,waxii ay ciyaallada xanaanada dhigtaa gartaan ayaad garan la'dahay Moxamed siyaadna wax ka sheegaysaa. Dalkii oo dhan ayaad xidida u siimney marka "Anqow isku dhufte asagaa u dhutiya"
written by Mohamed Ahmed Shire DHAGACADE , June 02, 2010
Thanks for all due to Gog
I am really very sorry to hear suck kind of this sounds who was my brother expressed that those people who was insulting of our legend late president MOHAMED SIAD BARRE whose was died in 1995.
Dear readers or my dear honest brothers of somalis i hope that you may understand how he was so expensive and innocent man, i am indeed very sorry again the abusing for our unforgettable president and paying an oppologise that about him.
If i give you some important details that about the dreams of MOHAMED SIAD BARRE actually i could not able to write here because you did not do any reseaching for our prosperity and how may we defend the enemy of our nation.
MOHAMED Siad was the only man that has any shelter, he usually acts like a soldier, helps for anytime his people and nation and has huge thinking.
All in all please i am telling you guys do not ever think what all the people saying and whatever when you want to say something, think twice before you say...
I am really fall of in crying when i read that speech.
How he was legend man..
we miss you ziad barre
written by ahmed farah ladieh , July 23, 2010
first of all allah blesses him i wish that he will rest in peace and allah may give him paradise incha allah.
Secondly me i am djiboutian and i dont really know him well but i heard that he was a legend and still a legend and he did several things to unite somalie people and to give one name as one people but unluckly we are somalie so we are hardhead people cause we never know the one that good for us or bad for us.
by the way all we could said now is he is gone but his words still stays in our soul our mind and we keep remember about him for all the time.
written by Hassan Haji , March 14, 2011
Historical,sensational and inspiring speech by a legendary president at a time when visionary leadership was a rarity. What if the somalis lived by this as their guiding light or even the current leadership hid his advice? Without doubt,this leaves an indelible ink in the hearts of peace-loving,sober,focused and far-sighted somalis. Will Somalia ever live the dreams of this legend? Time will tell!
we miss said berre
written by jsdfusfbnfgv , April 10, 2011
i wold like him to come to life and help all somailan people in the world aus we don't have any leader in somaila now

May u rest in peace jale siayt.
written by Abdifatah ismail Duale , May 13, 2012
We lost u nd u will ever rmain in our hrts indeed u ware da fther of da nation.
written by Abdulkadir ibrahim Gure , October 21, 2012
We really miss you but You still remain in our minds and hearts
somalia will not forget you.
Lascanod commondo
written by Soolboy , February 16, 2013
The best president ever, we all missed his great leadership.
May Allah forgive him.
written by Leyla A Yusuf , October 21, 2013
The country missed you so badly. You were inspirational to all of us and great leader. May Allah keep you in janatal fardoza. Aamiin
mohamed ali
written by Runlow , October 22, 2013
May Allah bless Mohamed Siyad Barre
the father of the country and really we somalis didnot get another father accept him we missed him all of us . his body was burried in grieve but his wisdom is still in our heart, we will never forget that great leader and i can say he was the lion of Africa that doesn`t need witness the hero man
may allah has mercy on mohamed siad bare
written by Abdirahman abasguul , November 10, 2013
I ll always miss da father of de nation ( mohamed siad bare)
written by Ahmed faraah , February 14, 2014
May Allah have mercy on him n rank him da highrst of all as he was a true legend he brought peace in our entire country somalia we urge de world dat he was a brave n and lion of africa and also a clever one we will never forget him his wisdom is in our heats.he led our nation through justice and also brought federalism.and as a sade clan we love you and his grave is in our homeland gedo jubaland and our city he led all tribes of somalia.he was a dictator and a brave man aabe siiyaaad..our father of nation...we reaaly reaaly love u n ua name is everywhere evn ua wondering the work u did even a 5men cant stil u jjalle siyad and we love u sade marehan alxamdulilah..long live jubaland.long live gedo.and middle jubaland.and still we will die fo lower jubbaland kismayo still.sade.clan long live
i beelive only in socialism
written by Mihail Hramov , February 10, 2015
? ?????? ??? ???? ??????? ??? ??????? ?????????! ? ???? ??? ???? ??????? ?????? ?? ???? ????????. ??? ??? ???? ? ?????? ????????????????? ????? ??????? ???????????? ? ??????????? ??????.
Alow kuu naxariiso AABIHII umada somaliyed
written by GeriKOOMBE , December 19, 2015
Waxan somali uga tacsiyaynayaa ... madaxda jilicsan ee ka danbaysay siyaad bare, alow muxuu warshad dhisay, alow muxuu dadka simay , mudadii uu joogay lama arag laba qabiil oo dagaal dhex maro, somali maba oga wadaninimada .. ilaah baan ku dhaartee siyad bare markuu qabsaday , waa la ogaa inta dhakhtar ee wadanka joogtay , waa la ogaa warshadaha yar yar ee ka dhisnaa iyo halkuu gaadhsiyey .. ka xaab xaabi

siyad wuxu ahaa abihii somali kor u qaaday , dabadii manu arag wax somali ku faana ... alow kuu naxariiso aabo siyad
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