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Somali President Jaalle Maxamed Siyaad Barre

President Siad Barre May Day Speech - 1978


[Speech by Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre at National Theater in Mogadiscio on 30 April on the occasion of May Day recorded]

Lately there have been crises in the Horn of Africa, as in many other parts of the world--between colonialists and the colonized, between a black colonialist government and the black people it colonizes. This is not a new phenomenon; it is an old one. Many countries which were under colonial domination not so many years ago have freed themselves, after a long struggle, from the colonial yoke--for instance, Somalia.

It is surprising and amazing that today, when it is shameful to talk about colonialism, let alone practice it, some countries boast: We shall always be colonialists. It is also unfortunate that some other countries support their colonialism. It is an even greater shame today for one people to colonize another. It is for this reason that, without hiding anything, we ask the Soviet Union and its allies: How long will this colonialism continue? If this is to continue, why did the other European colonialism end? Why did they have to give freedom to those who fought for it? Will they change history? Will the Soviet Union and its allies change colonialism into a new concept? Will socialism evolve into colonial­ism and change history?

Can the history of the human race see this coming? It will not be possible. Otherwise many countries free today would not have been freed. The Soviet Union and its allies cannot change this, and it is imperative for colonized people to be free in the long run. Is it possible for the Abyssinians to colonize others forever? Others with much greater power, ability and resources have failed; they have failed and others will also fail. What is happening there is similar to what happened in Vietnam and Algeria; there are no other benefits expected to come. The broom finishes, but the dirt never comes to an end. [applause]

Some of the colonizers do understand and quickly retreat, while some, because they are stupid, continue colonizing others, increasing the suffering, deaths, injuries, defeat and humiliation. The people colonized by Abyssinia will be free. Eritrea will be free, and they cannot refuse to let them be free. [applause] Western Somalia will be free, and they cannot refuse to grant it freedom. [applause] The numerous Abo will be free [applause] because this is history, and no one can prevent the sunshine from reaching us.

No one has ever succeeded in stopping the sunshine from getting to us, and therefore no one will stop these people from obtaining their freedom. Abyssinia is nothing; they are being led by others and those who lead them should understand this. They still have time to retreat before they find themselves in a grave error of humanity and doctrine.

Before it is too late, they should understand the wishes of those who fight for their legitimate rights and allow them their freedom. If they do not, then they will go against the wind of change in the human race, and finally they will be swept away by the flood and find themselves helpless.

When I talk about Somalia, its policies are not changed from one direction in the afternoon to another at night, yet another in the morning and so forth; that is not our way.

Somalia believes in human rights and self-determination for all humanity. That has always been our policy and we shall continue following it. Empty threats and a show of force will never deflect us from our principles: understanding and assistance for those fighting for their human rights, freedom and self-determination.

I shall now turn to foreigners, imperialists and their ilk, who beat drums in some capitals. To these drumbeaters and propagandists who publish articles and newspapers in countries which are enemies of the Somali nation, who would like to sow confusion among the Somali people and who are trying to do so by spreading false propaganda against the Somali Democratic Republic and the Somali people, we say: The Somali people will befriend those who show respect and friendship, but those who adopt arrogant attitudes and try to take advantage of this difficult period will be disappointed.

Somalia is a free nation which knows what it wants. It can do what it wants and distinguishes friend from foe. Those who show respect and appreciation will get the same in exchange, but those who lie about Somalia or try to take advantage of it will never benefit. I must emphasize this.

I am now going to touch on some African problems. I am distressed that problems purely African nature are being handled by foreigners. I am sorry that problems Africa could solve by itself and which concern purely African matters are being interfered with by people from other continents.  I am sorry that Africa has kept silent about this problem. I am sorry that Africa did not feel offended at this interference by foreigners who came here illegally, that Africa could not see this new manifestation of colonialism, and that Africans did not ask themselves how they could accept this new colonialism while they fought the old one. This is a historic question which Africa will eventually have to answer. However, I must say that Africa has awakened and its ambition is to unite and determine its own destiny. Africa still has time to rectify this problem and show the world that it will not allow foreigners to trample on its rights.

Now I would like to talk about current problems in the Arab countries. It is unfortunate to note that a nation of one ethnic group – a nation with the same culture and infinite potential – has allowed itself to be trodden on, divided and set in mutual opposition. It is a really unfortunate situation. Their problems depend only on their unity. I will leave it at that.

After the revolution, we adopted socialism and we continue to follow it. The Somali people must realize that there is a long and bitter struggle ahead. Even today we are passing through a difficult period.

However, irresponsible elements serving colonialist interests, who could not in any circumstances, speak for the nation, tried to overthrow the revolution. I would like to say that coups are no new thing. They have existed all along and will exist and may happen any day, but tire difference is this: What is the aim of the coup? Some coups could be staged in the interests of a people, some could be the product of feebleminded people like this group in Somalia, some could be made to serve foreign and imperialist interests, some could stem from political principles, and some could be made to serve a people. But the one attempted against the revolution was a childish game.

Anyway, those who were responsible for the attempted coup here are in jail, and others who were implicated by them ran away. Anyway the culprits are here. These elements will be dealt with according to the law after their guilt is established. It is not a matter for me or the Central Committee; it is a matter that concerns the law, which is above us all.

I would like to remind those who are beating the drums nowadays that those who are leading the revolution of 21 October cannot be moved from their principles. Those are being used by the colonialists will suffer. What do I care about them?

Jaalayaal: I did not come to power to divide Somali but to unite them, and I will never deviate from this path. I shall respect a Somali individual as long as he deserves respect, but if (he) turns away from the correct path, then that is not my business.

Finally, I would like to remind you that we are passing through a difficult period. We should teach the foreigners and colonialists that Somalia cannot be led by other people and that the traitors who fled the country will never lead Somalia. We Mach them that Somalia exists and shall exist and shall never accept colonialism. The Somali people must strive for their nationhood and existence by showing their unity and readiness to safeguard their nation.

Jaalayaal: Again I would like to congratulate the workers of the world, hoping that their solidarity will be fruitful.

Jaalayaal: I would like to thank those who organized this celebration.

Jaalayaal: Thank you and good night.

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Thanks Jaalle Mohamed Siyaad
written by Mohamed O Aden , October 26, 2009
I can simply say that Siyad Barre, Peace be upon him was the only real leader who cared about Somalia. I grew up in Mogadishu, I can't forget the beauty and the harmoniuos and peaceful we had under the adminstration of our beloved leader. Those who always wanted to distroy ans sell Somalia and its people found themselves on the winning side, but history will tell who is the real Wadani.

These days when I see pictures of starving and distroyed homeland I go to quite conner and cry.
written by Abdi , November 08, 2009
Jalle Mohamed Siyad Bare was great leader..
Jaalle Siyaad iyo Kacaankii Barakeysnaa
written by Danjire Faadumo Isaaq Biixi , November 14, 2009
Waxaan jeclaan lahaa in ku biiriyo hambalyo iyo bogaadin M. Ibrahim Shire oo web-Site-kan sameeyey.Jaalle Siyaad iyo Kacaanki Barakeysnaa waxay Soomaali Iyo Soomaliya u qabteen waa lama illaawaan, baal dahab aweyna ka gelidoonaan taariikhda Soomaaliyed. Buugaagta iyo Sawirrada ka Sokow, waxaan soo jeedinlahaa in wareysiyo lala yeesho kumaan kun wadaniyiin ah oo ka warbixinkara halyeygii Jaalle Siyaad iyo horumarkii dalka uu kacaanku gaarsiiyey.
Jaalle Siyaad halyey
written by A. Yousef , December 10, 2009

markaan soo xasuusto halka somalia gaadhey wakhtigii dawladii kacaanka.
iyo halka aan yagleey maanta. wax laga hadlikaro mahan.
waa inaan ooyo. Allah ha u naxariisto President M. Siyaad Barre
waa xiin ku dhafay oo aan xareed lahay.
A. Yousef
Aabihii ummadoow siyaad wehelkii calankoow siyaad
written by Sharmaarke cabdulaahi xaashi , December 31, 2009
rabbigii makhluuqa uumay ee khaaliqa ahaa janadii haka waraabiyo aabihii ummadda soomaaliyeed-- madaxweynaheenii hore -jeneraal maxamed siyaad barre waxa uu ahaana taariikhda ayaa sheegtay wadani daacad iyo hogaamiye dhab ah wax ka danbeeyana jirin wabilaahi towfiiq
written by Honest , March 19, 2010
Siad talked about higher concept and somali integrity. No one understood then, and people of Somalia are now scrumbling what to make of his foretelling on what awaits this nation.

May Allah bless his soul.

written by Kassim Mohamed , November 24, 2010
As a matter of fact, let it said what ever is wanted to be said, no body in the world now who can deny the memorabilia history which our hero Comrade Mohamed Siyad Barre -God bless him- had because it is as a nose on a head that he was real Wadani.
PLEASE REMEMBER: * gudideena talisaa go'aankii ay keenaan, hadaan garabka lala qaban oon lala giraan girin, gef hadaan sameynoon kala gurano laaluush, guuleyste yaaloow hee dhaha, golaha towraddii sare xagey gaari karayaan ? *
May Allah give us peace and prosperity and make us see in our open eyes the Somali Nation on its feet.
Aamiin Yaa Rabbi.

A True Leader We Lost
written by omarani , March 12, 2011
i am really sadden how true leader jaale maxamed siyaad barre was and how some people potrayed him as a clan leader, but he was really a man who was ahead of his time. He was an intelectual person and only few could understand what he was warning and telling people. He was a true leader who rejected being a pupet for the west and he was a leader who understood what colonialsm was. waxaan u rajeeynayaa ilaahay inuu unaxariisto oo janadi fardoowsa aheeyd kawaraabiyo........amiin
victorious leader`TRUE NATIONALIST.
written by mohamed ibraahim cali barre , July 07, 2013
Aniga ahan xiligii kacaankii barakaysnaa waxaan aha nin yar oo aan waqti siin qudbad ama fikradihii uu ka hadli jiray jaale siyaadall ya raxma,laakiin hada oo aan daawanaayo waxa umada somaliyeed haysta aana ka fikiro inta god ee aan ku dhaceeyno kana ogaaday wax badan dunida sida ay u shaqeeyso marki horana ka aaminsanaa fikrado kala duwan kacaankii laakiin dhabta suaasha ah waxeey aheeyd baaritaan badan ka diib muxuu ka helayey waxaas oo wax sheegid waxas oo shaqo ah oo uu u qabtay dalkiisa iyo dadkiisa ?ma daaruu ka dhistay ma qabiilkiisa goboladi ay degi jireen buu wax walba geeyay oo ka hormariyey goboladi kale?jawaabtu waxaa weeye mid sahlan jaale siyaad wuxuu ahaa wadani dhab ah oo ka horeya soomaali oo dhan dagaalna kula jiray colonialists iyo kuwa u adeega oo watay dano raqiis ah kana fakarin aayah umada kuna riday god dheer oo ay u qodayeen gumaystayaashi ay u adeegayaan,maxamed siyad sida soomaali dhan ogtahay hanti kagalama tagin wadanka oo sida badi madaxda africanka balaayiin meel ma uusan dhigan wuxuu hayey wadankaasuu galiyey wuxuuna u dhintay in uu ka shaqeeyo soomaali sida uu u mideeyn lahaa,waa run kaligii talis wuu aha laakiin umadu waa in ay u bisishahay dimuqraadiyad garadkooda iyo aqoontoodana ku wadi karaan,wuxuu ku dadaalayey in uu u bisleeyo umada soomaaliyeed sidii ay hogaan wanaag ku gaari laheeyd taasna soomaali way la fahmi weeyday wuxuu kala dardaarmayeyna maantaan haynaa,kuwii wadanka hoga u qodayeyna wali sidii ayeey shisheeye kalkaal u yihiin oo ugu shaqeeyaan oo maalin walba ethiopia iyo kenya oo wax liitay agteena ka haa ugu kala yaacaan karaamadii iyo sharafkii umadana aasay,marka gunaanadkii hadalka jaale maxamed siyaad barre wuxuu ahaa leader ay soomaali xusuusnaan doonto dalkiisana gaarsiiyey meel ay umad 10 sano xor aheeyd ay ku riyoon karin.AUN aabihii umada..i ll always love u,
written by cabdi fataax shaakir , January 17, 2014
one in amillion he was ahead of his time , i dont think we will have some one like him in the near future.half of the somali parliament are foreign aggents now they sold there soul and motherland the portuguese and the brits in rhodesia were scared and the local people used to scare the colonisers that the somalis are commin ,look where siad barre took us and where these put us today
A man of people
written by Abdirashid Omar , April 25, 2015
All we said, He was the eyes, He was the soul, He was the master minder and so on, the conclusion is who can act the way he use to do?

He's own man kind!
written by Hafsa , May 04, 2016
I'm 12 years old, and I have project on school to write about someone in the world who has fought for freedom. Siaad Barre fought for the Somali people's rights in Ogaden, but he didn't get it back though. He were an amazing man! May Allah bless him! His's in my family. He knew my grandfather because they were in family.

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